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    kids art classes

       Kids After School Art class
           Elementary & Middle School
                      Thursday's 3-4pm 
*Starting October 19th this class will open up to
3-5pm to accomodate schools that release later

This class is an open art time and lets your child dive into different mediums if they choose each week.
Please bring a sketch book each class.

Come every week or drop in every once in a while.
Text your child's info to join this class.

      Homeschool class  
      Every other Thursday 1-2:30 *Start date-Aug 10 
This class is a more structured but still fun & fairly open class for those kids homeschooling. Multiple mediums will be presented and used each class. Please bring a sketchbook to each class.  Text your child's info to join this class.
(Space is limited so you may need to be on a waitlist)

           Elementary &
          Middle School
           Early Release
            Wednesdays 1:30-4:30 (beginning Aug.9th) 
(Fall Break Oct 11th no class)
                 $20/hr per child
Get out of school early? Come in for an hour & enjoy some art time. This class is a fairly open class. Kids will use their creativity independently. Please bring a  personal sketchbook to each class. Text your child's info to join this class


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